🎉 StageLight supports now LumenRadio´s MoonLite and TimoTwo via Bluetooth.

About the Wireless DMX / CRMX

With CRMX, LumenRadio has developed a radio standard for the extremely reliable transmission of DMX messages. CRMX is an abbreviation for Cognitive Radio MultipleXer. In addition to cognitive coexistence, i.e. trouble-free operation in the 2.4 GHz networks, CRMX offers automatic error correction, has a long-range and is characterized by a low, imperceptible latency of only five milliseconds.
A Bluetooth interface has been provided for the use of MoonLite or in a mobile app, which has supported StageLight since this release (V2.13).

How to use in StageLight

With 3 easy steps, you can use the wireless DMX solution from LumenRadion in StageLight.

  1. Activate Bluetooth in the Settings Menu
  2. Choose Wireless DMX (D-DMX) in the Universe Details View
  3. Select your device

To use this fantastic wireless functionality you need in StageLight XL or the Ultimate Package (In-App-Purchase). With the Ultimate Package, you can use up to 10 universes. It doesn’t matter whether it’s ArtNet or W-DMX or a combination of both.

🔥 Special offer for my existing customers

For customers who have previously bought a smaller package (S or L), I have special release upgrade prices. These are up to 50% cheaper than normal. 


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